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Kingdom Hearts Plushies!

Custom plushies here:

The last of my Kingdom Hearts stuff, this time it’s clocks and wall hangings.  The clocks are ones we buy at Ikea because you can pop out the plastic in the front and hand paint the face however you’d like.  The one of Xemnas and Saix was a commission request and the wallhangings are handpainted on canvas.

The last of my Kingdom Hearts plushies so far….  

More Kingdom Hearts ^_^

This time they’re mini plushies, which are about 4 and a half inches tall.  All except the Mickey Mouse , obviously.  For the King Mickey I took a regular Mickey Mouse from the Disney store and made him the jacket.  

So I make three different sizes of plushies.  My second most popular size are these, which are about 8 inches tall.  Here’s part of the collection I’ve made from Kingdom Hearts (yeah, there’s more O.O  )

The most insane thing was that I made the zippers fully functional just because I had a bunch of extra zippers in my craft room.  It was a challenge I couldn’t resist ^_^