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Character Days: Howard V Graves from Grave Impressions

Today we have something a little different.  Instead of being from a novel, we have a character from a Graphic Novel series by some good friends of mine.  You should take the time to check out their comics, they’re a real treat!

And you know, as always, if you’d like one of your characters interviewed, let me know!

Howard V Graves from Grave Impressions

Tell me a little about yourself and PittsburghAh, Pittsburgh. Nothing like breathing in smoke all day, every day, even when you’re not smoking! Haha, I kid! Pittsburgh is my kind of city – not the boondocks, not fifth avenue – just right. There’s nothing finer, even if it does have some secrets that are about as filthy as the air. As for me? I take in all manner of high life and lowlife all in one day, thanks to my good friend Dorothy – the classiest dame you’ll ever meet – and my job as a detective.
Tell us your most closely guarded secret? I don’t exactly go around broadcasting my uh…attraction to men – Dorothy helps me out with that jam. Plus she’s real handy to have around. You wouldn’t believe how many men spill their stories to a beautiful dame just because she bats her baby browns at ‘em.